How to Remove Gallstones the Natural Way

How to Remove Gallstones the Natural WayHow to remove gallstones the natural way‘ is a phrase that leaves ones mouth wide open especially if you have been diagnosed to have gallstones by a doctor and a gall bladder operation has been approved. Surgery is not the only remedy to gallstones. A healthy lifestyle is the cheapest remedy. So, here are some ways to remove gallstones naturally:

  • Ensure that you drink plenty of hard water. Water helps to regulate bile in the gall bladder reducing the pain. Hard water is the best since it increases colloidal suspensions.
  • It is also good to take food rich in magnesium. Gallstones are caused by magnesium deficiency in the body. It is magnesium that gives bile the deep color.
  • Take coffee regularly. Coffee lowers the levels of gallstones.
  • Humid acid and fluid acid; Taking food rich in these acids reduces harmful oxidation that results in gallstones. They also improve the immune system and remove harmful metals like aluminum.

  • Avoid taking food that are denatured like canned foods and frozen food because they destroy colloidal suspension and they do not have any colloidal suspensions.
  • Take nicotine acid to help in reducing the buildup of cholesterol levels thus reduced gallstones. It is recommended that the intake should be five hundred milligrams per day.
  • It has always been said that chlorine purifies water. Yes indeed, it also has a contribution towards gallstones in that it destroys the colloidal suspension. Drinking water should therefore be dechlorinated to reduce the chances of gallstones.
  • Taking oil-rich food like sesame helps to lubricate the gallstones thus easement their exit.
  • Certain soft drinks like apple juice soften the gallstones and therefore their harmful effect is greatly reduced.
  • Consumption of magnesium sulphate is beneficial as it opens the gallbladder ducts thus exit of the gallstones will be easy.
  • Cholesterol can be dissolved also by consumption of lea thin while components rich in EDTA help in dissolving calcium. Both cholesterol and calcium causes gallstones. Take two to three spoonfuls of lea thin daily.
  • In certain cases, it is advisable to fast while only taking water soaks to ensure that bile is regulated. This happens in situations where the pain is acute.
  • Avoid rapid weight loss. You should lose weight in a healthy way. Remember also that a healthy body weight helps in preventing gallstones.
  • Practice gull flushing. It can be done at home by taking a mixture of olive oil and garlic according to the prescriptions of a physician. Flushing helps to prevent build up of gallstones.
  • Half a spoonful daily of turmeric helps to remove the stones. Turmeric is antioxidant in nature and it helps prevent inflammations in the gall bladder
  • Taking raw beat root and also pear juice are also significant on how to remove gallstones the natural way. Raw beat root cleanse the liver.

To conclude, it is clear that it is only a matter of lifestyle that causes gallstones. Living a How to Get Rid of Gallstones the Natural Wayhealthy lifestyle is a milestone event in ensuring that gallstone problem is eliminated. How to remove gallstones the natural way should always be insisted so as to avoid the expensive gall bladder surgery.

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